Clare Rishbeth

Dr. BA DipLA M.Ed

University Lecturer
Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield

twitter: clarerishbeth

My research focuses on culturally diversity in landscape experience and design, specifically with regard to the urban environment. The scope includes understanding use of greenspace and streetscape by people from ethnic community backgrounds, the symbolism of `multicultural design´ and landscape perceptions and settlement with regard to migration. I am interested in how memory of `home´ landscapes is triggered by, and consequently informs, experience of environment by first generation migrants.

I am interested in methodologies that `share benefit´ with participants and combine skills training with participatory research. I am committed to working with professional and voluntary sector organisations, and have contributed to workshops and forums with organisations such as the Black Environmental Network, Countryside Agency and Greenspace.

Click here to find out more about my current project: The Bench Project


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