Andy Clayden



Senior Lecturer
Department of Landscape, University of Sheffield

Recent research activity has focused on three areas which include: sustainable approaches to housing design and specification of landscape materials, cemetery design and management and finally the application of digital technologies in design education. The first two may not immediately appear related but have a loose connection in terms of landscape and sustainability. Cemetery research specifically focuses on the Natural Burial movement and what we can learn about society from these new landscapes of death and disposal.

The housing research seeks to broaden our understanding of how buildings and their environment may be thought of in a more integrated manner in order to improve their sustainable profile.

The final area of interest, digital technologies and landscape perception and education explore the role of computers in enabling designers and users to experience and evaluate designs which have yet to be realised.

Andy likes to interpret and capture landscapes through hand drawing and using water colour. The video below was captured by one of his students where he shares techniques in using water colour with his students.


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