Urban rivers: pleasure or danger; making space for water

Laurence Pattacini

Urban rivers are an integral part of cities. During the urbanisation process, the sinuous and unpredictable flow of the river has been controlled, dammed and straightened. The traditional, engineered flood defence in most cases keeps the water at bay, but Read more…

Has Jan Woudstra discovered the key to Capability Brown’s nickname?

In preparation for a paper on Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, Dr Jan Woudstra from the Department of Landscape, has discovered when and where the 18th-century Landscape Architect got his nickname.

Read more…

Nature knows best – Could embracing wildflowers improve garden resilience?

Emma Lewis

wildflowers represent nature’s optimum; natural selection occurring over many generations has promoted the traits that give the best chance of survival

Wildflowers appear to be very much in fashion this season, with many of the designers at RHS Chelsea Read more…

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